Construction Experts Sometimes Turn to Specialized Techniques to Enable Expansion

Construction can be difficult work, with a lot frequently depending upon the quality of the effort involved. While building a new structure, road, or bridge can be challenging, expanding upon the work of others can be even more formidable.

In many cases, for example, it will be desirable to be able to add on to a building or to increase the size of a structure or improvement of another kind. Especially when the surrounding area is not especially welcoming of such plans, it can take a good deal of creativity and determination to make progress. Fortunately, there are a variety of techniques that are regularly used to address and overcome what might normally seem like limiting circumstances.

Stabilizing a Steepened Soil Slope to Make More Room

One especially common challenge of this sort arises when the area around a structure or improvement that is to be expanded includes a hill or other topographical feature. While it might have been possible and prudent to build near this elevated bit of earth originally, expanding the resulting creation can require taking a more involved and active stance on the matter.

In some such cases, it will be possible to scrape away a portion of the slope, leaving behind a significantly steeper incline that opens up room for expansion at its base. When this is a realistic option, however, the soil that remains will almost always need to be shored up to ensure that it does not collapse or erode due to its significantly altered structure.

This process is known as soil nailing and can involve any of a number of particular types of work. Most commonly, the steepened soil slope will be reinforced using steel bars or another supportive structure, with additional drainage often being worked into the plan, as well. On occasion, shotcreting services can also be used to add retaining walls or other external forms of support, where appropriate.

Creatively and Effectively Addressing Some of the Most Imposing Construction Related Challenges

Even where it might seem that environmental factors would prevent the expansion of a structure, road, or other type of project, a bit of creativity will often win out. Solutions like these allow for the completion of many types of expansions that would not otherwise be practical.


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